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Keyboard Choir: The Electrical Unity Blogs - Goodbye! [Jun. 7th, 2009|12:58 pm]
Keyboard Choir

This week has been amazing, we've all really enjoyed blogging, and hopefully you've enjoyed our Electrical Unity EP. Big love and thanks to John @ Brainlove Records, Rupert and Stefan at last.fm and Jack and Larry at The Independent. Cheers guys! Hopefully we'll do some more blogging for The Independent in the future.

In other news. We've got a host of remixes either completed or in the pipeline from Seaton, Bangatang, Bill Eff, Hot City and Napoleon IIIrd. Watch this space, we'll be unleashing them on the world in due course. Me and Alex are also working on a remix of our cosmic Brighton mates Maths Class, it's totally incredible. And we will get it finished! I promise!

Finally, We are playing at Kings Place, Kings Cross, London on Tuesday (9th June) and will be performing a brand new piece, a collaboration between Keyboard Choir and top notch incredible contemporary piano sextet pianocircus. The piece is called Turing Test and you can find out more info/buy tickets here.

Keep an eye on our last.fm page / myspace page for gigs and news, and if yu want to hear the album we've been talking about so much, you can get it here.


Seb + The Choir